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Consulting and special projects are generally billed as hourly services based on applicable staff rates. Oftentimes these projects are for non-tax or accounting clients who would like a tax projection, a gain/loss calculation on a significant transaction (real estate sale, etc.), or are faced with a new situation in which professional advice is recommended by an attorney or financial adviser. In these situations, we usually bill on retainer and apply our time and expenses toward the deposit. We are happy to take on these projects but please note that we prioritize our engaged tax and accounting clients during our busy seasons in the spring and fall, so the best time for these projects is in the summer and winter. As these projects are often advanced and non-standard, our partners and managers are usually the ones to render these projects, and as such, they are billed at the high-end of our hourly rates.

Consulting projects for existing/current clients may include new business purchase analysis, cash flow forecasts, review of a previously filed tax return, gain/loss calculations for real estate sales, equity compensation, and/or anything outside the scope of our annual tax prep and accounting services. Depending on the size and scope of the project, we may include the time as part of our annual tax planning or bill the project separately.

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