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Business and personal bookkeeping and accounting services are provided as a separate engagement from tax services, depending on the size, scope, and length of the project. Please note that write-up projects, such as year-end accounting summaries for use in preparing a business tax return, are often billed as part of preparing the tax return and not as a separate accounting services engagement.

Separate accounting/bookkeeping engagements encompass more substantial services rendered throughout the year. Our tiers of business accounting services are outlined below, and similarly with tax services, these are intended to provide fee ranges for varying levels of work:

Credit Assessment

Limited-Service Accounting:

  • Bookkeeping and bank reconciliations for a few bank accounts and credit cards

  • Filing state and local excise tax (B&O) reports

  • Best for single owner/employee businesses with limited compliance requirements

  • Average fee range: $100-300 per month

Full-Service Accounting:

  • Bookkeeping and bank reconciliations

  • Payroll administration

  • State and local excise tax reporting

  • Accounts payable and receivable management

  • Best for companies with more frequent compliance requirements, such as monthly revenue reporting

  • Average fee range: $300-1,000 per month

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Business Management & CFO Services:

  • All services included in full-service engagements plus...

  • Business strategy and advisory services

  • Advanced budgeting and projections

  • HR administration, personnel policy decisions, related support

  • Average fee range: $1,000+ per month

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