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All businesses in Washington State are required to report to the Department of Revenue (DOR) on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.  The first section of this page is to help set up new business accounts.  If you have an existing business, please refer to the second section.  Please note that we are not able to get access to your accounts automatically.  We must either be added by you, your staff, or a previous accountant, or given the required information so we can add your business to our firm master account ourselves.

Washington State Department of Revenue moved to a new website in Spring 2018, which now handles licensing and excise taxes within the same portal.  Access to the two sides of your business is managed independently, but we recommend inviting our firm to both licensing and taxes so that we can assist with any questions or issues that may arise.

Getting Started

To add us to your business tax account with Washington State DOR (called My DOR), you will need the following:

  1. An active business license (if you are an LLC or corporation, this also means you have registered with WA Secretary of State)

  2. If you filed your business license yourself online, then you should already have a Secure Access Washington (SAW) / My DOR account.  Access can then be delegated to us directly within your account.

    • If you filed your business license on paper, or if we filed it for you, then you can expect a letter to be sent to your business mailing address which provides the information needed to access your tax account online. Please send us copies of all letters received from DOR if you would like us to be the administrator on your online account.  Otherwise, please create your own account and add us to the appropriate business as detailed below.

  3. If you have not accessed My DOR before, here are instructions to establish your account.

Adding our Firm to your Business Accounts

Here are the steps to add our firm to your business account(s).

  1. From your “My DOR Home” page, click the Get Started link.

  2. If you have more than one business account, select the business you would like to update and click Confirm.

  3. Select the Excise Tax Account for the business you are wanting to add to our firm.

  4. With the tile labeled Manage Access, select Add or Remove Other User's Access.

  5. Click the Add User link on the right side of the page.

  6. The User Information page is then shown. Here is the information to add for our firm:

  7. Click the Next button.

  8. The “Access Type” page is shown. Review the difference between an Account Manager and Administrator here. Select the customer access type from the pulldown menu.

  9. Click the Next.

  10. The Account Selection page is shown. Select which account(s) to which you want to grant access.

  11. For each business account to add to our firm, we should be granted access to the Excise Tax account for the business.

  12. For the permissions, the ability to Prepare and Pay is recommended for full-service options, so we can complete a full return and make tax payments on your behalf.  Selecting the other options will require you to submit filings and remit tax payments.

  13. Click the Next button.

  14. The Verification page is shown. Review the requested access. Click Submit.

  15. The Confirmation page is shown. Click OK.

  16. Our firm should now be listed under the Logons section of the Manage Customer Access page.

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